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After-sales Service

After-sales Service

The business philosophy of YueChuang: Integrity and pragmatic, professional and efficient, and win-win cooperation, to provide customers with professional and efficient after-sales service, we make the following solemn promises to our customers:

1. All machines and equipment sold by our company, from the date of acceptance of acceptance, free equipment overall warranty for one year (except for man-made damage), from the equipment acceptance report signed, all kinds of damage caused by normal use by Party B is responsible for free maintenance and Replacement, wearing parts according to the agreement between the parties, providing professional technical support for life.

2. VietNin ​​will provide training for customer equipment operators and engineering technicians in the operation and common operation exceptions until the demand can be independently operated and troubleshooting.

3. After opening the sales hotline 24 hours a day, we will respond positively and provide professional advice after receiving the repair call. If you need to go to the site for maintenance, arrive at the site according to the scheduled time.

4. After the warranty period expires, our company will provide maintenance service and technical support according to the actual situation, and properly charge materials, accessories and labor services.

5. Provide lifelong service technical support.

Provide customers with perfect technical support and after-sales service to help customers free up labor and labor, simplify production processes, improve efficiency, stabilize product quality, increase factory production efficiency, reduce the technical requirements of related personnel, enhance automation efficiency, and produce safer and more reliable products. Automotive connectors, Toyota’s auto-assembler for automotive connectors are trusted.

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