More Intelligent And Efficient car connector production mode.

Brand introduction

Brand Introduction

About Yue Chuang: “Yue” has the momentum of surpassing the transcendence. “Chuang” has the meaning of innovation and creation, Implied meaning YueChuang people are more willing to surpass themselves, exploring exploratory research on automotive connectors, innovating productivity technology, making automotive connector production more intelligent and efficient.

Since 2007, Mr.Dingzhihao as core leader is leading a pioneering team specilized on automation equiement R & D and manufaturing. So the team has accumulated rich experienced on automation equiement industrial in this 10 years

In the technological revolution and the industrial reconstruction under the background of rapid development of the global automotive industry will move towards interoperability, mobility, self driving, user experience and big data analysis, the steady growth of the global connector market, we are optimistic about the connector automated assembly technology and the realization of artificial substitute is the future, So in early 2017 represent the general trend, the original factory as basis and rename it as DongGuan Yue Chuang Automation Equiement Co. Ltd.

Yue Chuang is focus on provide automotive connectors advanced automated assembly solutions, we hope to provide a more intelligent and efficient production method for connector manufacturer , also the production line can more quickly and more miniaturization, safety, reliability, more environmentally, The electronic engineering technology more widely application in the automotive industry, and to become more intelligent and reliable as human’s partners.

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