More Intelligent And Efficient car connector production mode.

Product concept

Yue Chuang Product Concept

Intelligent, efficient and stable - Let the car connector production more intelligent and efficient, make the car safer and more reliable! The automotive industry is the world's largest and most important industries, showing a trend of rapid growth, the technological revolution and the industrial reconstruction under the background of rapid development of the global automotive industry will move towards interoperability, mobility, self driving, user experience and big data analysis.

As a bridge connecting the automotive circuit, the automotive connector plays a role in dredging the circuit and switching the current in the automobile, making the electronic engineering technology widely applied in the automotive industry, especially for automotive electronics.

With the development of new technology and new energy vehicles, the connected car and automatic driving, the amount of data transmission and innovation of automobile dynamic system and an exponential growth, the automotive connector reliability requirements in high frequency, high voltage and current environment is more and more high, miniaturization, safety, reliability, environmental protection is the development the future direction of the automotive connector.

In order to achieve large-scale mass production, connector production manufacturer need to promote the standardization of connection in the process of this industrial transformation.

Yue Chuang is a professional automotive connector automatic assembly machine suppliers, with 10 years of rich experience in R & D and manufacturing industry, in an intelligent, efficient and stable product concept, strictly control the production quality, to provide personalized car connector assembly machine automation customized solutions to meet the actual needs of production car connector, connector to assist the manufacturers to do connector automation production line upgrade, heavy manual labor, the simplified production process, stable product quality, improve production efficiency to improve the automotive connector connector, the production efficiency and the competitiveness of enterprises..

Our vision is: to be the world's first class car connector assembly machine brand, to make automotive connector production more intelligent and efficient, to make the car safer and more reliable! This is our mission and the source of our power. 

Provide advanced solutions for the whole automaton connector for customers, welcome to visit the factory and negotiate business, we are ready for production enterprises of automotive connectors solve difficult problems, welcome free consultation and requests for upgrading and individual production automation connector solutions.


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