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Automobile Age: Automobile Connector

Mass information entertainment, smartphones, navigation tools and driver assistance are bringing on-board connector products to new heights. The lack of surprise is that information and entertainment equipment is too messy, and automobile manufacturers cite miniaturized connectors as primitive features. Used to intuitive mobile phones and devices, drivers lose patience with cluttered control panels and instructions.

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From the planning point of view of connector terminals, traditional wiring methods, such as terminals, wires, crimping, poking, sealing and harness assembly boards, are a bit cumbersome, and the weight, cost and clutter of driving vehicles. In this age of digital automobiles, space-saving automotive connectors and components can simplify messy electronic systems. So more convenient connector products came into being to provide better assistance for automobiles.

There are five different levels of skill trends in automotive connectors. Bandwidth requirements bring CAN, FlexRay, MOST Bus and other skills into the vehicle. Twisted pairs introduce new manufacturing clutter. The use of automation equipment to improve, can run along the cable to provide accurate connection. Coaxial cable enables AM/FM antenna to operate.

USB, a widely used connector product, is an important channel for the interaction between electronic devices and vehicles. For 480Mb/s data transmission, USB can transfer stored digital music, audio books and other information entertainment. When SerDes bursts into the car scene, the RGB (red-green-blue) wires that we know bring enhanced console display to the built-in GPS map, shield twisted pair connections to support higher resolution stacked display, backup cameras, digital dashboards, head-up displays, and expansion through the digital media center. Customer Convenient Port (CCP) visits, providing advanced audio and video. More and more enriched the practical functions of the car.

Plug-in product planning may soon lead to the establishment of optical fiber systems or changes in plastic optical fibers (POF), which improves the clutter of board-end connectors, but bridges the gap between traditional copper and optical fibers. At each level, we offer different options that are robust and cost-effective to help car makers meet drivers’expectations for higher digital content on board.

Post time: Nov-27-2018
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