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China’s automotive connector industry is becoming more and more competitive

With the development of China’s economy, automobiles are no longer a luxury to show off, and Chinese automobile manufacturers are bamboo shoots after a rainstorm! In China’s automotive connector industry, the main reason why the three-invested enterprises have great competitiveness in China is that China’s economic base is relatively low. We are inferior to others in terms of both economic strength and technological strength.

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Over the years, China’s automotive connector market has been growing in size and shipment volume, accounting for a small proportion of China’s total connector industry market, lower than the global average level of connector applications in the automotive connector industry. In recent years, Chinese mainland automobiles mostly import automotive systems, foreign brands occupy a larger market share of local automotive connectors, while domestic connector accessories only occupy a small market share.
Connectors purchased by Chinese automobile factories mainly come from AMP, Delphi, Yazaki, KET, Molex and other foreign enterprises. The rapid growth of China’s automobile production has also stimulated the import of automobile connectors. At present, China imports automobile connectors every year, accounting for about a quarter of the total import value of China’s connector market. China’s automobile connectors are mainly imported from the United States, Germany, France, Italy, Japan and South Korea. In terms of export, the main foreign-funded enterprises are Shanghai Delphic, Hangzhou Xinchi and Shanghai. Intelligence speed and other companies, local enterprises are basically seldom export as the main business direction. This provides a good space for the development of wholly foreign-funded enterprises and wholly foreign-funded enterprises.
There are nearly 100 kinds of connectors needed in general automobiles, and hundreds of connectors are used in a single model. So there are so many kinds of local enterprises which have no economic and technological strength. In recent years, with people’s increasing demands on automotive safety, environmental protection, comfort and intelligence, the application of automotive electronic products is increasing day by day, such as automotive audio system, automotive navigation system, airbag, ABS system, intra-vehicle optical cable network, etc. This will make the number of applications of automotive connectors increase. Shape.

Post time: Nov-27-2018
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