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Industrial robot technology is reaching a new height

Intelligence always quietly permeates and changes people’s lives. It always makes us marvel at the magic of intelligent manufacturing.Intelligent manufacturing is the core of made in China 2025, and industrial robots are an important foundation for intelligent manufacturing to take off.
Over the past few years, with the continuous improvement of industrial robot technology and the expansion of market, the use of industrial robot has become more and more common. It has become a high-tech industry that attracts much attention at home and abroad.
China’s industrial robots started late and are relatively weak in competitiveness, and there are few robot enterprises with truly independent intellectual property rights. To some extent, this situation also leads to the lack of research and development of core parts of the domestic industrial robot industry.
Domestic enterprises lack experience in the application of industrial robots, such as flexible robots. We can make them at the level of research and development, but the application scope is not clear. The current application scenarios are also vague, and the understanding of application technology is not deep enough.
With the development of artificial intelligence technology, industrial robot is a sign of intelligence, it requires external sensing device support, tactile sensor and visual sensor, force sensor, ultrasonic sensor intelligent sensing devices, such as mature application, will greatly improve the accuracy and sensitivity of the industrial robot, realize the real time of production data acquisition and transmission, to intelligent industrial robots and perception.Therefore, we need to perfect industrial robot supporting equipment and technology.
In this era of rapid technological development, industrial robot intelligence has been continuously improved, and it is believed that they will show us another “elegant demeanor” in industrial application.

Post time: Sep-10-2018
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