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Industry 4.0 is coming, How does the connector industry overcome the harsh environment test?

The arrival of industry 4.0 and industrial automation means that more intelligent equipment and robots will be widely used in various production fields, and their demand shows a stable and rapid growth trend.Among them, the application requirements of core intelligent equipment and robots are very high, and more “high-precision and high-performance” connectors will be applied to these intelligent equipment and robot fields.From the current sales performance of the original manufacturer and distributor of the connector, industry 4.0 has a great pull on the demand of the connector.
Compared with consumer, military, automobile and medical connectors, industrial connectors have many different features, such as dust resistance, water discharge, shock resistance and high and low temperature, which bring great challenges to the design and production of connectors.Industrial connectors have strict requirements for “reliability, IP grade, operating temperature and shock resistance,” and many of the indicators are required to meet automotive and even military standards.In this way, the original factory needs longer time, more consideration and more rigorous testing when developing new products, and the r&d cost will be high, which will test the comprehensive strength of the manufacturer.Industrial interconnection systems must be designed to withstand extreme temperatures, pressures, vibrations, dust and corrosive chemicals.
Oriented “4.0″ and “smart” production solutions and technology, the products related to “stamping, injection molding, assembly, press” interconnection between modules, such as regional cooperation is also put forward the new requirements, the connector components is overloaded connector, for example, the application of increasingly demanding environment, needs both traditional overloading connector performance excellence, at the same time can have both a wider range of application and fast comprehensive service ability, can be widely used in industrial production, especially harsh and connection in a complicated environment, satisfy customers to China and global market intelligent control device for the diverse demand.
It can be seen that the special application environment of industrial connectors brings challenges in technology research and development to enterprises. The high threshold ensures that the majority of market share will be in the hands of a few large enterprises.In addition to the harsh requirements of the environment, the move to “wireless” technology and “highly customized” is also a feature of industrial links that differs from other types of connectors.

Post time: Aug-29-2018
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