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Detecting Mesin CDD-3

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Detecting Machine CDD-3 Product Introduction This automated testing machine was custom designed and built by Yue Chuang to perform current tests on small plates. About Our Testing Machine: This fully automated, custom small plate current testing machine conducts several critical electrical current tests and saves all data. Prior to testing, the small plates are placed into a magazine tower where the system can pick, test and replace them in the same pocket. This fully customized system has ...

  • FOB Harga: US $ 0,5 - 9.999 / Piece
  • Min.Order kuantitas: 100 Piece / Potongan
  • Suplai Kamampuhan: 10000 Piece / Potongan per Bulan
  • Port: Shenzhen
  • Sarat pembayaran: L / C, D / A, D / P, T / T
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    detecting Mesin CDD-3

    Product Introduction

    mesin nguji otomatis ieu custom dirancang jeung diwangun ku Yue Chuang nedunan tés ayeuna dina pelat leutik.
    About Our Testing Machine:
    pinuh otomatis, custom leutik plat mesin nguji ayeuna Ieu konduktor sababaraha tés arus listrik kritis tur ngaheéat sakabeh data. Saacanna nguji, elat leutik disimpen kana majalah munara mana sistem nu tiasa nyokot, test na ngaganti aranjeunna dina saku sarua.
    This fully customized system has the ability to capture and store measurement data and generate individual tube data sheets. The entire mechanical and electronic functions of this machine are synchronized and controlled by a PC workstation running a custom written Visual Basic application. The Visual Basic application automatically converts measurement data to a user-friendly interface, and generates a printer-friendly Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.


    YC CDD Testing Automation Equipment Features
    1.This machine is manual feeding, with functions of automatic conduction, short circuit detection, ccd size detection and carrier tape packaging.
    2.It Uses Precise Servo Motor Mechanical Finger To Move, With High Speed And Precision.
    3.It uses high-pixel cameras imported from germany,with high precision and high performance , it has automatic ng separation function.
    4.It uses pic programmable control, and the interface uses a touch screen, which is fast, simple, clear, beautiful, easy to operate.
    5.Automatic detection function: detect the direction of the material, and whether there is material, if there is materials work, otherwise shutdown.
    6.It has automatic production count, output setting function.
    7.It has pneumatic actuating structure,which is fast and safe.
    8.In case of abnormal alarm, it automatically shutdown, and display the corresponding abnormal information, to facilitate the handling of the problem.

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    About us


    Company Profile

    Dongguan Yue Chuang Automation Equipment Co. Ltd. ( YC ) was founded in 2007, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the connector assembly machine and non-standard assembly automation machinery and equipment R & D, design, manufacturing, sales, installation, adjustment, technical services in one, is located on Road Yang Yang Science Park,Gate Five Min Chang Road, Humen Town Gate, DongGuan City, China

    Yue Chuang is automotive connector automatic assembly machine suppliers, we have rich experienceis about 10years in R & D and manufacturing industry, in an intelligent, efficient and stable product concept, strictly control the production quality, to provide personalized car connector assembly machine automation customized solutions to meet the actual needs of production car connector, To assist the manufacturers to do connector automation production line upgrade, heavy manual labor, the simplified production process, stable product quality, improve production efficiency, to improve the automotive connector manufacturers’production efficiency and the competitiveness of enterprises.

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    Why choose our product?

    1. High cost-effective
    mesin assembly full-otomatis ngajadikeun outputs tinggi, ongkos-recovering bisa direalisasikeun dina sataun saprak mesin mimiti jalan.
    2. Low cost
    Operasi manual ukur diperlukeun dina suplement komponén. greatly ngurangan ongkos kuli, prosés machining multi-tahap bisa disederhanakeun sarta jenis béda komponén otomotif bisa dihasilkeun.
    3. Low loss and long service life
    kabéh bagéan sistem éléktrik sarta kakuatan anu diimpor sareng bungkusan aslina, nu mastikeun kualitas luhur mesin.
    4. User-friendly
    all the assembly machines are designed by professional and experienced engineers. Professional staff is put in charge of after-sale service.
    5. Technical support
    lntelligent operating system ensure variety of detecting and data analysis function.



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